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Aerospace and Tubiflex: both cutting-edge

The Italian aerospace sector has long been recognised globally for its excellence and innovation.
In what is the general panorama, Turin and the Piedmont region have played a fundamental role in the development of the aerospace industry, also thanks to the construction of a real file, made up of companies such as Tubiflex S.P.A, which guarantees products with very high technological standards.

To confirm this, we would like to remind you that the Piedmontese capital will host an important event in November, at the Lingotto exhibition area; to find out all the details read also Fiera Torino Aerospace.
Space has never been so close at hand, also thanks to projects such as Space Factory 4.0.
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Italian aerospace industry

The Italian aerospace industry has re-entered the PNRR with an important project also from an economic point of view: 65 million euro managed by ASI.

Space Factory 4.0, as the programme has been called, will to all intents and purposes be a factory for the construction of satellites made in Italy, with ambitious and important numbers.

Thales Alenia Space will lead and co-ordinate the file of the individual companies, which has accepted an important challenge aimed at fostering the increase and acceleration of space activities, starting, however, with an important change of pace.

In order to meet increasingly competitive standards, it is necessary to modify production systems and make them more efficient in the face of new and exciting challenges: in short, space is a place that must be conquered by broadening the mind and thinking big!

Italy’s aerospace industries are therefore the focus of attention, and even more so is the Piedmont region and Turin, in particular.

Some Piedmontese companies, in fact, including Tubiflex S.P.A., have embraced this opportunity, proving themselves ready to embrace progress and innovation.

Aerospace Piedmont

Aerospace in Piedmont has a number of important programmes, such as the ESA bic incubator, which supports Italian start-ups in the sector in order to foster technological development and innovations in aerospace technologies.

This is just one example of how Piedmont is one of the most influential Italian regions in the aerospace sector.

Thanks to its strategic location and the presence of cutting-edge companies, the region has developed and strengthened a solid infrastructure to support the aerospace industry.

More specifically, Turin is one of the main centres, as it is the city/site of many leading companies and research institutes.

This pole of excellence offers a favourable environment for collaboration between companies, academic institutions and research institutes, promoting the development of new technologies and the training of talent in aerospace.

In fact, talking about Piedmontese space technology also means referring to important associations such as DAP.

DAP Turin

DAP Torino is the Distretto Aerospaziale Piemontese, a non-profit association set up in 2019.

Its aim is to bring together Piedmontese excellence in aerospace technology in order to create new opportunities for development and growth, through

a strengthening of the field
a better drive towards innovation
the creation of training and research contexts the search for funding
a better communication strategy.

The members of this association include Tubiflex S.P.A.

Tubiflex SPA Italian excellence in the aerospace sector

The aerospace sector is one of the most advanced and innovative sectors in the world, whose projects require precision, affitability and impeccable quality.

In this context, Tubiflex Spa, based in the province of Turin, has become a benchmark of excellence.

A company specialising in the design, production and supply of flexible tubes, it sees some of its products applied in the aerospace sector.

More specifically:

in air conditioning and cooling systems (see Metalflex Airtight)
in hydraulic and drainage systems for the engine compartment
in the protection of temperature and pressure sensors
in hose assemblies for the ECS system

Founded in 1951, the company has earned a reputation for fidelity and quality over the years, becoming a key partner for many aerospace companies.

Tubiflex has a long history of specialising in the production of high-precision flexible tubes, thanks in part to

the ability to offer tailor-made solutions
the high quality of products
the proven technical expertise

Each project starts with a careful and precise analysis of the individual customer’s requirements and is realised with the EU 9100 conformity guarantee.

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