Code of Conduct

This document, entitled Code of Ethics (hereinafter also the “Code”) expresses the commitments and ethical responsibilities in the pursuit of business and corporate activities accepted by the collaborators of Interpump Group companies (hereinafter also “Interpump” or the “Group”), whether they be directors, employees or collaborators in a broad sense, including those who, on a de facto basis or otherwise, manage and control a Group company or act by act in the name of/or on behalf of one of the Group companies (hereinafter also “Collaborators”).
With regard to the consultants, vendors and all other third parties, including customers, that work with Interpump Group companies  (hereinafter also “Third Parties”), the signature of this Code or an extract from it or, in any case, compliance with its instructions and principles, is an essential condition for the signature of contracts of any nature between them and each Interpump Group company; the provisions thus signed, or in any case approved by tacit consent or otherwise, are an integral part of such contracts.
In sum, the Code of Ethics represents the set of values pursued by the Interpump Group in the daily conduct of its business activities.

The mission of Interpump Group

The mission of Interpump Group is to pursue excellence in its operations through the application of innovation and quality. Innovation is a permanent goal of Interpump Collaborators and is the result of constant, scientific, and detailed research carried out into materials, techniques, and products with the aid of the most sophisticated and advanced equipment. Quality permeates all activities of Interpump Group. Quality is founded on the meticulous, methodical and constant control and verification of each phase in the life of the business and each step in the production process, from the purchase of raw materials through to completion of the finished product.
The quality assured by Interpump is the fruit of a shared culture that permeates each Group company, as identified by guaranteed and efficient products that are easy and intuitive to use, meeting the most modern requirements and limiting the consumption of resources in the utmost respect of their users and the environment.

Scope of application

This Code of Ethics applies to all Interpump Group companies and, consequently, it binds the conduct of all Collaborators and, to the extent applicable, Third Parties. Each Interpump Group company has a duty to bring the Code of Ethics to the attention of Third Parties, including those that only have an occasional or temporary relationship with the Company; require Third Parties to comply with the principles and obligations embodied in this Code in the performance of their activities; take the necessary internal steps should Third Parties fail, in whole or in part, to comply with the provisions of this Code accepted by them, or refuse to accept them.

The Code of Ethics is applicable both in Italy and abroad, having regard for the cultural, social, and economic and regulatory diversities existing in the various countries in which Interpump Group companies operate.

Approach to stakeholders

The Interpump Group aspires to maintain and develop relations of trust with its stakeholders, being those categories of individuals, groups, or institutions whose contribution is essential to achieving the mission of Interpump and that have significant interests revolving around the Group.
Stakeholders therefore comprise those who make investments related to the activities of Interpump Group, stakeholders, employees and other collaborators,  customers, vendors, and business partners in general.

Unethical conduct

In the pursuit of business activities, unethical conduct compromises the relationship of trust between the Interpump Group and its stakeholders. Conduct in which any single individual, group, or organisation attempts to appropriate for themselves the benefits of the collaboration offered by others, by exploiting positions of power, is considered unethical and may lead to the emergence of hostile attitudes.

Objectives of the Code of Ethics

A good reputation is an intangible and yet essential resource.
A good reputation externally stimulates investment by stockholders, builds customers loyalty, attracts the best human resources, enhances the tranquillity of vendors, and confirms to creditors the Group’s reliability. The objectives of this Code of Ethics are to achieve a management style founded on ethical conduct, professional integrity and economic efficiency in both internal relations (top management, middle management, employees) and external relations (business and market), with the goal of promoting unequivocal standards of conduct and the inevitable economic benefits that arise from the consolidation of a sound reputation.


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