DN 50-> DN 600. (Special and large diameters available upon request)
PRESSURE From 2.5 to 40 Bar
TEMPERATURE -200°C ÷ 550°C

For stainless steel: -200° ÷ 550°C
For compensators with carbon steel flanges: -20° ÷ 350°C
For temperatures in the range 50° ÷ 550°C performance (movements, working pressure and n.° of cycles) must be reduced by applying the appropriate coefficients (See document “N205 Derating factors”).
For operating temperatures above 550°C please contact our Technical Department.



This is the simplest form of expansion joint; it consists of a single bellows and absorbs the axial movement of the pipe section in which it is installed. For example, it is used to absorb expansion of the pipeline to internal flow at high temperature or movement imposed from outside. The bellow is sleeve-welded.


Correction of static offsets and compensation for thermal expansion and movements. Superheated water, steam, diathermic oil, gas and inflammable fluids lines; gas and steam turbines, blast furnaces, converters, exhaust gas lines, tank trucks loading and unloading, cryogenic installations, solar energy systems.


PED-certified in accordance with the mandatory regulation 2014/68/EU.

A type approval (TYPE APPROVAL) for marine applications can be applied if requested by the customer.

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