DN Diameters upon request
PRESSURE Project pressure according to customer specifications.
TEMPERATURE -200° ÷ 800°C. Possible variations according to terminals

For stainless steel: -200° ÷ 550°.
For expansion joint with carbon steel flanges: -200° ÷ 350° C.
For a temperature range 50° ÷ 550°C performances (movements, working pressure, n° of cycles) must be reduced by applying the relevant coefficients (See document N205 Derating factors”).
For a temperature range higher than 550°C, please contact our Technical Department.

Volume Expansion Joint


The volume expansion joint is a type of expansion joint  which is distinguished by its application. It is designed to compensate a fluid volume change caused by a large temperature variation. It is mainly used to compensate dielectric oil volume change in trasformers.


Volume compensation of dielectric oil in transformers and insulators.


PED-certified in accordance with the mandatory regulation 2014/68/EU.

A type approval (TYPE APPROVAL) for marine applications can be applied if requested by the customer.



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