DN 10-> 75
PRESSURE Up to 125 bar, depending on hose size. See technical table.



Very high reliability and flexibility, resistant to corrosion and excellent chemical inertness, optimal static/pulsating pressure resistance, excellent absorption of vibrations, can be used for particularly severe static or dynamic connections.





Multilayer virgin PTFE core, reinforced with an anti-abrasion covering in fibreglass, high tensile stainless steel braid 1.4301 EN10088-3 (AISI 304), additional black conductive PTFE inner layer available.


CONSTRUCTION:Hoses are obtained by winding and overlapping various PTFE strips covered with anti-abrasion PTFE-coated fibreglass. The hose is then mechanically corrugated and sintered.
Hoses are then braided with high tensile stainless steel braid for resistance to internal pressure and protection from external damages.



TX.T.8850.50 hose in PTFE with one high tensile braid in stainless steel 1.4301 EN10088-3 (AISI 304).
TX.T.8850.51 hose in PTFE with inner layer in black conductive PTFE and one high tensile braid in stainless steel 1.4301 EN10088-3 (AISI 304).


TX.T.885S with one high-tensile braid in stainless steel 1.4301 EN 10088-3 (AISI 304) and additional flameproof sleeve in silicone coated fibreglass.
TX.T.885V with one braid in stainless steel 1.4301 EN 10088-3 (AISI 304 ) and additional braid (or wrapping) in fibreglass.
Coverings are available for hose assembly only, not for bulk hoses.


Standard fittings and braid collars in zinc-plated carbon steel and in stainless steel specifically designed for assembling with Tubiflon hose series.
PTFE coated fittings.


Delivery of chemicals: solvents, paints, glues, adhesive materials, inks, aggressive substances.
Delivery of foods and beverages.
Delivery of cooling water, superheated water, steam, pulp, diathermic oil, lubricating oil for engines and turbo compressors, high voltage stators cooling air.
Delivery of lubricating oil and fuels for shipbuilding sector where flameproof characteristics are required, Tubiflon comply with European directive MED (see web page: product certification).
Hose types with inner layer in conductive PTFE are advised where, due to the nature and speed of the fluid, electrostatic charges may build up and damage the hose (for example, delivery of gas, steam, hot water, flammable fluids).


Chemical and pharmaceutical plants, food product and freeze-dry plants,industrial vehicles, large engines and turbines, shipbuilding sector, wood and paper processing plants, plate presses, stator cooling systems.


-55° ÷ 250°C
For a temperature range 50°÷250°C working pressure must be reduced by
applying the following coefficients (Derating factors).
50°C – 0.97 PN
100°C – 0.93 PN
150°C – 0.89 PN
200°C – 0.85 PN
250°C – 0.80 PN
Values for intermediate temperatures shall be interpolated.

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