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Professional training courses

In an ever-changing labor market, the ability to access vocational training courses has become an imperative necessity.

At the heart of this transformation, we find professional qualification courses, crucial tools for those aiming for a distinctive professional role.

A tangible example of this commitment is the initiative undertaken by Tubiflex S.p.A., which recently launched a training program in collaboration with Gi Group to learn the welding trade.

In recent years, many companies are aiming to create professional figures that they cannot easily find in the labor market, promoting inclusion and diversity, with the aim of enriching their work.

Besides this picture, what is the “engine” behind this decision?

We put this question to Roberta Parena, the company’s HR Director and creator of the project.

This initiative of Tubiflex emphasizes the importance of an inclusive approach in the area of professional qualification.

Through a real Academy, women have been given the tools they need to excel in a predominantly male professional role, enabling them to establish themselves and acquire skills that are in high demand.

Job qualifications: welding profession.

Job qualifications are of paramount importance in an increasingly competitive and specialized labor market. They play several key roles in that they promote:

  1. Increased employability (employability):
  2. Development of specialized skills
  3. Career progression
  4. Professional credibility:
  5. Adaptability to change.
  6. Job satisfaction
  7. Job security.
  8. Increased work flexibility

We asked Roberta to explain the motivation behind the creation of an ‘Academy, which goes in the direction of defining precise job qualifications.

Here are her words:

“The initiative to create an Academy stems from the need to focus on the professional figure of welding, a crucial trade for us and very complex to identify in the labor market. The production of high-tech products is a fundamental pillar for us, and the welder or welder plays a key role in this process.

Even when we identify experienced personnel, we are faced with the need to provide additional specific training to adapt them to our particular needs. This has led us to think about the possibility of building these skills directly within the company itself.”

Our strong inclination for inclusion, the desire to give an opportunity to those who highlight their merit led us to design this path dedicated to a female audience but above all motivated to be part of our projects.

We still asked:” How is the Academy program concretely structured and what goals are you trying to achieve?”

The answer:” The training program was designed in collaboration with experts in the field such as, Rivogas Commerciale Italia, to which we give special thanks to Kristian Frolli lecturer in welding and includes a balanced combination of theory and practice.

The course will be developed over three weeks: from an introduction to welding to practical tests, initially pursued through the use of digital visors to lower the risk of injury; the course will continue with hands-on training in the field.

A cutting-edge idea that will use new technologies, to develop trades where manual skills, precision and attention make the difference.

Our ultimate goal in offering vocational training courses is to train highly skilled professionals who are ready to face the challenges of our rapidly changing industry.

We believe that investing in training is the key to ensuring our competitiveness in the marketplace and to promoting an inclusive, sustainable corporate culture that is open to diversity of all kinds, and that this reflects our company’s vision and commitment to the future.”

Welding Academy

Vocational training organization: Tubiflex and Gi Group

The story continues…

We asked which professional training organization had been chosen to carry out this important project that translated into actual professional training courses.

Choosing Gi Group as a partnership, stems from the collaboration that has seen this training entity, linked to Tubiflex, for more than three years now.

Adds Roberta:” Gi Group is our partner in crime on highly innovative projects, thanks to the fact that they work with us closely and live from the inside our needs and complexities.

Their deep knowledge of the industry and network of contacts, has meant that they have provided us with highly qualified candidates, accelerating the selection processes and ensuring ready employment for our key positions.

Mutual trust and shared commitment are the pillars of this fruitful collaboration.

Professionalizing courses: an added value

In conclusion, professionalizing courses such as those designed and structured within a company like Tubiflex are essential for those seeking to stand out in today’s job market.

The example of the women welders trained by Tubiflex, is a virtuous example not only because it provides essential technical skills, but also because it helps shape a more equitable and inclusive work environment.

For those looking for a qualification that can make a difference, joining a training opportunity offered by the company itself can be a crucial step toward professional success.

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