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On the international trade fair scene, a place of absolute importance is reserved for the Hannover Exhibition, better known among trade professionals as Hannover Messe, in whose translation from German we find all the meaning of the event; we are in fact talking about the industrial fair par excellence. 

The first edition dates back to 1947 and in the course of its long tradition it has been able to renew itself, evolve while always remaining one of the most sought-after and significant showcases in the panorama of technology and industry. 

The Hannover 2023 trade fair is even more charged with meaning and expectation, after the last few years of being forced into a mute state due to the pandemic landscape. 

It has always been able to bring together not only the various industrial and technological excellences, but also politics and economics for a global approach aimed at a transversal vision of ideas, plans and technological innovation. 

Technology Fairs 

The Hannover Messe can be described in all respects as a distinguished representative of technology fairs. 

We do not know what other challenges are accepted by the various trade fairs in the world of industry and technology, but certainly the Hannover Messe technology fair accepts and promotes the transformation of the industry sector to cope with some important factors: 

  • current difficulties in supply chains 
  • the topic of green transition 
  • supply issues 
  • awareness of the importance of protecting the environment 
  • the expensive energy 

Alongside numerous new generation start-ups, the Italian industrial landscape continues to be an important partner in the technology fair or Messe Hannover.

Tubiflex SPA will be present in Hall 5, Stand D54 and will once again make its contribution as an exhibitor, bringing its expertise in the various sectors such as:

  • aerospace 
  • naval 
  • power generation 
  • industrial 
  • railway vehicles

Technology Fair 

The confirmed presence of all Italian exhibitors at the technology and industry fair is further proof of the Italy-Germany alliance towards economic and commercial aspects. 

The Hannover Messe can be considered among the most important European trade fairs in the field of industry and automation; specifically for 2023 it will cover, during its five days, topics such as: 

  • aerospace 
  • drives
  • energy
  • software
  • computing
  • artificial intelligence 

Trade fairs in Hannover 

Among the trade fairs in Hannover, the Hannover Messe, which covers an impressive 120,000 square metres of exhibition space, can be considered to all intents and purposes a simultaneous exhibition of several trade fair events; these will also allow the various exhibitors to get to know different companies, also operating in different sectors, with which they can forge important relationships. 

A distinctive feature of the trade fair is that, although it will be held in Germany, the target market will not only be the German market but the global one, thus enabling the construction of a fertile and favorable ground for healthy confrontation and fruitful competition in all sectors of industry. 

Industry 4.0 Events 

It is impossible to refer to Industry 4.0 events without mentioning the Hannover Messe. It is precisely thanks to Industry 4.0, or the fourth industrial revolution, that not only in Italy but worldwide we are witnessing a real economic transformation. 

In the specifics of the Italian reality, since 2016, the year in which the first industrial plan referring to Industry 4.0 was issued, the concept of Industry 4.0 has undergone a continuous evolution with the firm intention of pursuing a precise project, that of automated and interconnected industrial production. 

Without going into the specifics of what this entails in terms of industrial renewal, it was precisely at the Hannover Messe, in not-so-distant 2011, that the Industry 4.0 ‘concept’ was used for the first time. 

In this regard, to better outline the mission of this new industrial manifesto, a real working pool was created on the subject of Industry 4.0, which led, about a couple of years later, to the drafting of a report with precise guidelines and suggestions. Reasonably, therefore, one associates the Hannover Fair with the more generic but perfectly identifiable concept of innovation fair. 

Hannover Fair 

The Hannover Fair, therefore, welcomes an important programmatic manifesto: industrial transformation. 

Tubiflex SPA, which since 1951 has combined attention to detail with technological innovation and the highest quality finished product, participates in this transformation by offering its decades of experience in the production of hoses, expansion joints and fluid conveying systems. Thanks to the perfect balance between Competence, Innovation and Quality, Tubiflex is positioned as a leading company in the sectors in which it operates. 

You can find us at our headquarters in Orbassano (Turin) and at Stand D54 Hall 5 at Hannover Fair from 17 to 21 April 2023. 


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