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Tubiflex has developed a long and wide experience in solutions for the railway and tram industry
Thanks to the experience of our staff and the advanced technology at our disposal, Tubiflex meets the needs of the customers by proposing solutions to complex problems in this sector with high reliability and products certified according to EN 15085.

Some applications are:
– Flexible metal hoses for pneumatic door opening and closing systems for carriages
– Flexible metal hoses for connection pump to tank
– Hoses for the discharge of gas systems on locomotives
– Double-wall metal hoses for railway compressors
– Hose assemblies for air and water transfer
The products that are mainly required for this application are interlocked hoses (Protex), helically corrugated hoses (Superflex) or annular corrugated hoses (Parflex mechanically or hydraulically formed).

For more information about these and other solutions, please contact us