Tubiflex S.p.A. manufactures a wide range of products engineered to satisfy a large number of industrial applications.


Sustainable development is closely linked to the eco-compatible generation of energy. Sector industries committed to constructing safe, efficient, and economically viable plants rely on competent and reliable partners who, like Tubiflex, can offer innovative technical and technological experience.


There are numerous applications requiring the use of flexible hose assemblies and expansion joints. Some of these include: stainless steel hose assemblies for washing fuel tanks, flexible joints to compensate movements between underground tanks and piping for the loading/distribution of fuel at service stations; explosion proof hoses for the protection of electrical cables; umbilical flexible connections between offshore platforms and deep-sea drilling equipment, etc.


Tubiflex fully satisfies the needs for a sector that demands the utmost on-board safety and duration of components.


Engineering and manufacturing of flexible hose assemblies and expansion joints (See MB®), certified by Testing authorities recognised at national and international levels, are supplied to numerous European and extra-European shipyards and ship-owning companies.


The Aerospace Division designes and manufactures special flexible components for use on aircraft or land vehicles, creating innovative reliable solutions conforming to stringent Quality Guarantee requirements.


Experience and technical skills used in making flexible or bendable hose-connections for delivering or unloading liquids, gas, air, or for the thermal protection of ducts, electrical wiring and remote controls, under extreme conditions typical in this sector (strong vibrations, high temperatures, inflammability, enforced paths and strict dimensional tolerances).


The vast experience gained in the overall production process of steelworks affords the company an in-depth understanding of the related problems, enabling it to offer innovative solutions backed by factual reliability and performance/price ratio


Totally hermetic stainless steel hose connections for coolant gas, capable of minimising noise and pressure drop (See Splitcon) and newly engineered anti-vibration joints are supplied to leading manufacturers of built-in and portable air-conditioners, fan coils, and refrigeration systems.


The same meticulous attention paid to the engineering and construction of industrial products is dedicated to the manufacturing of products for in house applications, for which the end user must be put in condition to purchase products conforming to the safety standards required by law, although he may be lacking specific technical knowledge.


Heat exchangers for blood bypass circulation, flexible hoses for oxygen supply, etc.