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Turin Aerospace and Defence Meetings: Lingotto , 28-30 November 2023

Turin Aerospace and Defence Meetings: Lingotto , 28-30 November 2023

The Torino Aerospace and Defence Meetings is just around the corner and this year, for what is its ninth edition, it will once again be held in one of the most important conference centres in the Piedmont capital.

The first edition dates back to 2007 and since that date, the event has been held every two years.

The Turin Lingotto, in fact, is one of the most internationally renowned exhibition centres and the sector events that take place in its spaces always manage to be important moments of meeting and comparison, not only between insiders but also between those who, out of professional interest or curiosity, like to be informed and educated.

Certainly, the subject of aerospace and defence is not a meeting that owes its notoriety to mere word of mouth, on the contrary, the latter is based on the specific and technical expertise of first-rate realities.

Tubiflex’s aerospace sector is part of the core business of the Piedmontese companys, which has also conquered the international market thanks to its expertise and the high quality standards of its products.

Oval Lingotto

The Oval Lingotto therefore hosts the A&DM or Aerospace & Defence Meetings, which can be defined as a true meeting of elective affinities between experts in the sector.

From 28 to 30 November 2023, at the Oval Lingotto the participating companies, including Tubiflex SPA, will have the opportunity to meet and fix the basis for future business relations, but also to set up new projects with companies from all over the world.

For all companies, therefore, taking part in the Turin Aerospace and Defence Meeting means confirming a consolidated primacy.

At the heart of the three days are scheduled

  • conferences
  • B2B meetings
  • workshops

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Aerospace sector: a pride not only Italian but also Piedmontese

The national aerospace sector has great numbers:

  • seventh in the world
  • fourth in Europe

Favouring this rating is the Piedmontese reality with its significant concentration of companies directly or indirectly involved in aerospace.

The Piedmont region, in fact, sees in its territory, important manufacturing companies capable of guaranteeing very high standards in terms of both skills and qualifications.

In the aerospace context, some of Tubiflex’s products find application in the following sectors:

  • Use for air conditioning and cooling systems
  • Hydraulic and draining systems for the engine compartment
  • For the protection of temperature and pressure switches
  • Hose Assemblies for the ECS system

This is not the only international event Tubiflex takes part in, in fact in June this year it was also present at the Le Bourget Air Show in Paris.

However, the presence in Italy and even more specifically in the Piedmont region, which sees the company’s prestige confirmed on a daily basis, is a further motivation to pursue and achieve increasingly ambitious projects.

Tubiflex will be waiting for you at the Lingotto Oval, and for details of its location, please consult the on-line catalogue, before the event.

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