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Synergy between manual skills and industrialization

Tubiflex is an Italian company that design and manufacture expansion joints and flexible hoses used for production of hose assemblies and special products.

Thanks to our values and our consolidated know-how, we have been supporting our Customers for over 70 years as Partners to find various solutions: conveying of fluids like gases or granular substances under pressure/depression, decoupling of vibrations, protection of pipes and electric cables.

Our added value comes not only from the wide range of reliable products, but also from the professional care and skills of our technicians to realize customised and ‘tailor-made’ solutions.

The fusion of these aspects allows Tubiflex’s products to be used in many sectors, from Aerospace to Naval, Railway and Power Generation too.


Tubiflex was born in Turin in 1951 from the idea of creating a product with very high performance and versatile in its uses at the same time.

From its foundation to the present day, Tubiflex has had the ability to create a winning model based on craftsmanship in detail, creativity, technological innovation, product quality, and the efficiency of processes and expertise of its employees.

Since 2023, we have started to build a path capable of projecting ourselves towards new goals such as building a new house, environmental and social (ESG) improvement policies, and orientation towards new markets.


Since 2016, control of Tubiflex has passed to the Interpump Group, which has continued the process of improving and renewing the company, thanks also to its close collaboration with its subsidiaries. The goal is to offer customers a service of excellence.

The Interpump Group is a world leader in the field of high and very high pressure piston pumps and a reference actor in hydraulic components.

Tubiflex, IMM Hydraulics, Teknotubi and GS-Hydro are part of the Interpump Group’s Fluid Conveyance Business Line.