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recipienti di hidrogeno sul prato con pale eoliche sullo sfondo

Blue hydrogen

In order to understand what blue hydrogen is, it is necessary to delve into the subject of hydrogen in general and why this fascinates all those involved in the search
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padiglione fiera

Paris Le Bourget – Paris Air Show 2023

Le Bourget Paris 19-25 June 2023 is one of the most important events in the aviation and aerospace industry, now in its 54th year.  The Paris Le Bourget event takes
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Capannone con scritta

Hannover Messe

On the international trade fair scene, a place of absolute importance is reserved for the Hannover Exhibition, better known among trade professionals as Hannover Messe, in whose translation from German
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impianto rigassificatore

Regasifiers in Italy

Having risen to prominence due to the gas-related energy crisis, regasification plants in general and regasification plants in Italy have known a notoriety and interest that was probably not foreseen. 
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